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Digital Sound Level Meter TES-1150
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    • 4-20mA, with 1 μ A resolution
    • Basic Accuracy 0.025% + 5 μ A
    • Auto-Ramp and Easy Step Functions
    RM1,151.64   1,094.06   5%
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    Documenting Multifunction Calibrator
    • Unique mapping function let you calibrate temperature (300 °C) or voltage (220V) directly.
    • iCal is a multifunction calibrator and an arbitrary function generator.
    • Source: mA (4 to 20mA), V (0 to 15V, 0 to 70mV), Hz, sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, truncated sine wave, user programmable waveform and temperature for 11 types of thermocouples.
    RM4,596.48   4,366.66   5%
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    Process Calibrator PROVA-123
    • 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-24mA with 1 m A resolution
    • 0-100mV with 10 m V resolution
    • 0-12V with 1mV resolution
    • Thermocouple K,J,E,T TYPE 1 o C 1 o F resolution
    • Frequency 2 - 50,000Hz
    RM1,914.53   1,818.80   5%
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    Temperature Calibrator PROVA-125
    • Simple & Easy to key-in the exact temperature value you need
    • Dual LCD display to show the Reference 
      Room Temperature at the same time
    RM1,805.55   1,715.27   5%
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