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    HI 9147-04  Dissolved Oxygen Meter for Aquaculture
    • Designed specifically for aquaculture
    • Galvanic DO probe
    • Backlit LCD
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation
    • Manual salinity and altitude compensation
    • Water-resistant

    HI 9147 is designed for aquaculture applications. This unit is unique among our family of DO meters as it is supplied with a galvanic probe.

    Unlike polarographic probes, galvanic DO probes require no conditioning time. When you need to measure multiple samples in a given period of time, pick it up and measure on demand. 
    HI 9147 is a must have for DO sensitive organisms or high bio-load environments.

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    HI2040 - edge® Multiparameter DO Meter

    edge® DO HI-2004-02 is dedicated to testing Dissolved Oxygen. Using Hanna's latest innovation in technology and design, edge® DO can be adapted to suit your working method. 
    Select from hand held, wall mount or bench top - or even switch between them all. edge® is happy any which way. Simply plug in the electrode, then play. 
    Measurement is simpler, quicker and more accurate than ever. 
    Results are fast and reliable. Combining high precision technology with the user-friendly dimensions and format of a small digital tablet, edge® is breaking new ground in electrochemistry. 
    This is a must-have meter for your laboratory. 
    Cutting-edge design, capacitive touch keypad and an intuitive user interface are just a few of the great attributes that make edge® stand out as the world's first Hybrid meter on the market.

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    HI5421 Research Grade Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter

    The HI5421 is an advanced research grade benchtop Dissolved Oxygen and BOD meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity. The HI5421 is rich in features including data logging, alarm limits, comprehensive GLP, and many more while retaining simplicity in use with both dedicated key for routine operation and virtual keys that guide the user through setup options.

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    HI9146-04 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    The HI9146 is a rugged, portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter designed to provide laboratory precision and accuracy under harsh environmental and industrial conditions. This meter offers many features including automatic calibration, auto-endpoint detection, and compensation for temperature, salinity and altitude. The HI9146 is supplied complete with polarographic probe, PTFE membrane caps, electrolyte fill solution, and rugged carrying case.

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    HI98193 Waterproof Portable Dissolved Oxygen and BOD Meter

    The HI98192 is a rugged, portable EC/TDS/Resistivity/Salinity meter with the performance and features of a benchtop. This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards. The HI98192 is supplied complete with all accessories to perform an EC/TDS/ Resistivity/Salinity measurement packaged into a durable carrying case.

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