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Novo-Gloss Dualgloss 20/60º

Novo-Gloss Dualgloss 20/60º

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Brand: Rhopoint
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Product Description

The Novo-Gloss 20/ 60° gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most high gloss measuring applications.

Small, lightweight and durable the instrument can be used in the most demanding environments. The high specifications, including statistical analysis, graphical analysis and software-free PC down load facility make it the ideal choice for general gloss measurements.


  • Fast measurement of all parameters. Full on-board statistics with graphical trend analysis and reporting
  • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters, results are date and time stamped. Easyily visible pass fail indication.
  • Displays full statistics for the number of readings in the current batch. Graphical reporting for quick trend analysis.
  • Easy Batching
    User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting.
  • Easy calibration
    One click calibration with calibration tile

Specifications Technical specifications

  • Resolution: 0.1GU
  • Repeatability: 0.2GU
  • Reproducibility: 0.5GU
  • Measuring Range: 20º: 0 – 2000 GU 60°: 0 – 1000 GU
  • Measurement spot: 20° – 6mm x 6.39mm 60° – 6mm x 12mm
  • Memory: 2000+ readings
  • Power: Rechargeable lithium ion, 17+ hours operation
  • Battery life: 10,000+ readings
  • Recharge time: 4 hours (mains)


  • ISO 2813 Paints and varnishes – Determination of specular gloss of non-metallic paint films at 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees
  • ASTM D523 Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss
  • ASTM D2457 Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss of Plastic Films and Solid Plastics
  • DIN 67530 Reflectometers a means for gloss assessment of plane surfaces of paint coatings and plastics
  • JIS Z 8741 Specular glossiness – Method of measurement
  • ISO 7668 Anodized aluminium and aluminium alloys — Measurement of specular reflectance and specular gloss at angles of 20 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees or 85 degrees

Applications Novo-Gloss Dualgloss 20/60°

The Novo-Gloss Dualgloss is perfect for basic gloss measurement and is best suited for mid to high gloss surfaces (70+ GU @60°) 60° is referred to as the universal measurement angle and is the most commonly specified geometry in applications such as paints, coatings, plastics, automotive interiors and general manufacturing. It can be used as a basic gloss assessment for any surface 20° is the angle selected for high gloss applications such as paints and coatings, polished metals as it gives an improved resolution for high gloss finishes.

It is also more sensitive to haze effects that affect the appearance of a surface. Small light and portable, with onboard statistics and the ability to download reading to Novo-Soft, the 20/60° instrument is perfect for factory, outdoor or laboratory applications

High Gloss Surfaces

A limitation of the 20/60° geometry is that it is has limited sensitivity to surface effects such as haze and visible textures such as orange peel. When present these effects will reduce the visual quality of high gloss surfaces but will have little or no effect on measured 60° gloss values The best solution for high gloss surfaces is a Rhopoint IQ 20/60° or IQ 20/60/85°, this directly measures haze and texture effects which are present in many applications

Low Gloss Surfaces

Whilst adequate for many applications, the 20/60° geometry has low measurement resolution at gloss levels < 10GU. This means that two matt surfaces which have visually different surfaces may have minimal differences in values when measured using this geometry. For matt surfaces (<10gu 60="" an="" instrument="" with="" the="" 85="" degree="" geometry="" should="" be="" used="" 20="" novo-gloss="" trio="" or="" rhopoint="" iq="" p="">

Download Novo-Gloss Dualgloss 20/60º Specification