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TIME3200 Surface Roughness Tester

TIME3200 Surface Roughness Tester

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Product Introduction

TIME3200 handheld roughness tester is a brand new product of our company. It is always used in the work site, scientific labs and factory metrology rooms. Handheld roughness tester TIME3200 can test the surface roughness of multiple of machining components. The corresponding parameters will be calculated according to the selected measuring condition, and then all the testing results and spectrums will be clearly displayed on the LCD screen. Besides, the testing results can be output with printer as well as connecting to PC. Furthermore, the testing results can be stored and searched in the instrument.


Hand-held & advaned model
Applicable in production site, laboratory and workshop in factory.
Easy operation menu and large LCD display with backlight.
Li rechargeable battery.
Pickup position indicator.
Conform to ISO standard, compatible with DIN, ANSI and JIS standard.
Advanced software for TIME3200 and TIME3202 is available.
Lots of delicate optional accessories are supplied making user’s measurement more
efficient and much easier.

Standard Delivery

TS100 standard pickup
Specimen Ra
Protection nose
Steel support
Connecting cable
Instruction Manual
TIME Certificate
Warranty card

Optional Accessories

Main unit
TS110 pickup for curved surface
TS120 pickup for small holes
TS130 pickup for deep grooves
TS140 right-angled pickup
Measuring platform TA610/TA620
Leveling table TA630/TA631
Magnetic stand
Steel adapter (Φ8)
Steel adapter (L-attachment)
Software for TIME3200/TR220
Printer TA230

Several Applied Samples Of TIME3200

a) Measuring the roughness of axis
b) Measuring the roughness of flywheel
c) Measuring the roughness of cranshaft
d) Meauring the roughness of train shaft lead angle
e) Measuring the roughness of toothed wheel
f) Measuring the roughness of valve

Industry Application

There is a report analyzes every business who uses the tester, and enumerate the customers especial Time’s customers in order to comprehend the using of the testers in every industries more deeply.

1. Firstly, the mechanical manufacturing industry, mostly the manufacture of metal. The primary function of roughness tester is testing the surface roughness of processing parts especially the pot-ball roughness tester is adept to testing the hard surface. For example the automobile parts manufacturing, mechanical parts manufacturing, etc. the roughness tester is essential in every manufacturing industry engaged in quality of parts surface.
2. Secondly, the industry of manufacture of non-metal. As the development of science and technology, more and more new materials are used in manufacturing techniques, for example, pottery, plastic, polyethylene, etc. now some bearings are made in special pottery, and some pump valves are made in polyethylene. These materials all have firm character, and some of them can be made into parts instead of metal. Their surface roughness also needs testing in manufacture.
3. As the technology and function of the roughness tester being perfected, besides the mechanical processing, surface roughness testing is also used in electric power, communication and electron, so much as stationery, dishware and the surface of one’s teeth.

TIME3200 can be used in the following industries:

a) Manufacturing of cars and spare parts
b) Manufacturing of mechanical parts and gearing
c) Facilities for metal processing and accessories and functional parts of lathe
d) Technological equipment
e) Universal machine and metal molding equipment
f) Treatment of the surface
g) Metallurgy, rolling and forging equipment
h) Pneumatic and hydraulic elements and pressure vessel
i) Foundry of mould, close manufacture
j) Press, packing, light industry and spinning machine, and medical appliance
k) Petroleum, chemical engineering, coal and cement machine, and agriculture mechanism
l) Grain and oil, food, beer machine and pharmaceutical machine
m) Equipments of electric power, auto-control, electronic communication
n) Aviation and space-flight business, military industry
o) Universities, institutes
p) Paper-making business
q) Industry ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, electric ceramics, porcelain, high-aluminum ceramic stick
r) Business of rubber, epoxy, polyethylene
s) Canal of liquid, compound glass fiber silence-tube
t) Alloy doors and windows, handle of door, parts of chair, surface of stainless steel cup and dishware, exterior of taps
u) Crystal, carbon silicon, graphite, film of diamond, magnet
v) Chromeplating battery,canister of telescope
w) Copper-foil stationry, hard alloy ball, base for ball, auto-pencil lead
x) Medical nursing
y) Clothing-making machine


We provide 12-month warranty on the main unit.

Application Diagram

Working with measuring platform

Working with steel support only

Working with magnetic stand for site using