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Digital Sound Level Meter TES-1150
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TIME3221 Surface Roughness Tester

TIME3221 Surface Roughness Tester

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Product Introduction

Multi-parameter measuring: Ra、Rp、Rv、Rt、Rz、Rq、Rsk、Rku、Rc、RPc、RSm、Rmr(c)、tp、Rmr、Rpm、Rz1max、RzJIS、Rmax、Htp、Rδc、、RΔq、RΔa、Pa、Pp、Pv、Pt、Pz、Pq、Psk、Pku、Pc、PSm、Pmr(c)、Pmr、Pz1max、PzJIS、Pδc、PΔq Rk、Rpk、Rvk、Mr1、Mr2、A1、A2;
High accuracy inductance pickup;
Filtering methods of 2RC, GAUSS;
Compatible with four standards of ISO1997, ANSI and JIS2001;
TFT LCD displays all parameters and graphs;
Can be connected to TIME TA230 printer to print all parameters and graphs;
Built-in standard RS232 interface and USB interface;
Language: Simplified Chinese/English;
Shut off automatically or manually;
External pickup design, small driver and simple to use.