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Two-Sided Applicator

Two-Sided Applicator

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ARIE 202/4Two-Sided ApplicatorRM 926.00  879.70
ARIE 2202/1Two-Sided ApplicatorRM 926.00  879.70
Stock: Stock available
ARIE 2202/2Two-Sided ApplicatorRM 926.00  879.70
Stock: Stock available
ARIE 2202/3Two-Sided ApplicatorRM 926.00  879.70
Stock: Stock available

All prices/stock are subject to change so ensure that you contact us (+603-5621 5786) before ordering from us.

If stock is unavailable, the delivery/resupply terms is within 8 - 12 weeks.

The U shaped-Type Two-Sided Applicator is made using modern technology of metallurgy with a precision grinding machine. The accuracy of the Gap Depth is ±1.0µm(50µm and below)and or 2% of Full Scale. It is designed with ASTM D 823-25
It is made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel 440C.

Main Technical Parameters

■ Wet Film Width of:80mm
■ The total length:100mm

■ Ordering information
ARIE 2202/1:(25µm, 50µm)
ARIE 2202/2:(75µm,100µm)
ARIE 2202/3:(150µm,200µm)
ARIE 2202/4:(300µm,400µm)